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December 10, 2018


Strong Paws CBD Hemp Oil

"Can we talk about how Strong Paws fixed the crazies?? Yes, you heard me right! Here's that big update on Paladyn y'all have been waiting for, with an added bonus of that black and white freak known as Kenoby. In fact, let's start with Kenoby first. Let me tell you about how Strong Paws CBD oil has turned things around for us.
While Kenoby always had his quirks, such as never putting a ball down and sticking his nose against your cheek to stare at you, he never had anxiety. He would occasionally bark at strangers at the door, but none of the real issues happened until after he started feeling threatened in his own house. Yes, by Paladyn unfortunately.
When the final attack happened (those that know what I am talking about will remember how terrible it was) everything changed with our boy. He had no confidence and barked at every noise. He even has to be kenneled while we are gone, despite being free to roam for weeks prior, and seemed unable to handle being left alone, which was never an issue. He was ruined...or so we thought.
I was so upset with myself for allowing Kenoby, our happy-go-lucky boy to become so scared and broken due to a dog that I brought into our lives and I wanted to help. Herbstrong was the key. With a few drops before I leave in the morning, he relaxes peacefully in his kennel and has a wonderful attitude when we get home from work. He hardly barks anymore and is honestly back to his pre-attack self. I couldn't be more thrilled with how this oil has helped our boy.
Now, onto the truly crazy; Paladyn. I won't go into the gritty details of all his problems, as most of you already know them and if you don't, well to keep it short and sweet, Pal has a neurological problem that has no cure. It causes him to lose control, became violently and unapologetically aggressive, attacking whatever comes into his path, including other animals, objects (like his kennel and furniture), as well as himself. He has attacked Kenoby several times, the last time nearly killing him, as well as the cats, Bigby, and has even shown aggression towards people during his "episodes," chewed on his own legs, and bashed his head purposefully against the wall.
We've worked with vets, specialists, and trainers trying to find a solution and were told our best option was to euthanize him. Not wanting to give up, but fearing for the safety of the other animals, us, and even himself, we were between a rock and a hard place. That was until Herbstrong. Not only have the episodes stopped completely, but he's also quiet in his kennel, getting restful night sleeps, and has less frequent "zone outs" (which is when he gets heavily fixated on something like a cat or just stares off at nothing. You can call his name, but it's like he can't hear you) than ever before. He also has been listening and responsive to corrections, enjoying training, and even playing with toys!
This CBD oil has given him his life back and although it isn't a cure and life with Paladyn will never be easy, this has been the best thing to ever happen involving him. Now, he spends much more time out of his kennel, is slowly being reintroduced back into pack life, and seems much happier! The oil calms his brain and allows his to function more normally, thus boosting his quality of life more than we ever thought possible!"
You can continue to watch Kenoby and Paladyn's journey on Instagram: @wildling_tails

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